Stephen E. Mitchell
1020 E. Lafayette Street Suite. 115
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
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How to get started with mediation

  • The first step is to call for a free consultation to see if divorce mediation is right for you. This consultation is generally a half-hour and can be by telephone or in person. This consultation will help you understand the mediation process, how it works, how we get to a mediated settlement agreement, the court process for obtaining a divorce, and get your questions answered. Steve will be glad to provide your spouse with the same information.
  • Then you schedule an initial session convenient for both you and your spouse.  Even if you have already started the legal process by filing for divorce (with or without attorneys), you can still benefit from the cost and time savings by mediating your divorce to an agreement. Mediation will be required by the judge anyway.
  • Steve will advise you of what will be covered in your first session and any preparation or documents that will need to be brought to the mediation.
  • Steve will help you have the difficult but necessary conversations you need to have. With his help, you'll clarify the issues and explore your options. Then you will be able to evaluate which ones best serve both of your needs and interests so that you can reach agreements that work for both of you.

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