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Filing Your Documents

The mediated martial settlement agreement is necessary in order to obtain an uncontested divorce in Florida. However, it is only one of a dozen or more documents that must be carefully prepared and filed in order to get to a final hearing and obtain the divorce.

As part of the full service offered couples seeking a divorce, it is not necessary to look elsewhere for identification of the documents needed and their preparation. For an additional flat fee, Steve will prepare and file all required papers and documents with the court. All you need to do is appear at the final hearing and have the judge sign the Final Judgment Steve has prepared for you to give to the judge.

Steve began providing this service at the request of clients who found the court process confusing, frustrating, and sometimes overwhelming. Worrying about getting all the papers right is the last thing you need to have on your mind during this stage in your life. Also, the clients reported they sometimes wound up spending more for an attorney to do this work than the mediation cost.

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